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  Overrated & Overpriced

Morgan's in the Desert at La Quinta Spa & Resort

Never in my 35+ years of reviewing hotels, restaurants, golf resorts, luxurious travel destinations all over the world, have I ever experienced such an extreme drop in quality at all levels such as that experienced at Morgan's Restaurant.

On our initial visit of the restaurant, we came away absolutely enthralled about the quality of the food and the service. The restaurant became our top pick and recommendation for great dining in the Palm Springs area. Henceforth, our mantra is, "avoid at all cost".

If this latest experience is indicative of how a James Beard award recipient has deteriorated in quality, then either James Beard does not give a damn, does not follow up on his recipients or simply unaware that an award recipient has demeaned his integrity and that of the James Beard Foundation. A call to the Foundation confirmed the aforementioned.

Simply stated, the food was as bland as the overpriced menu. The meat was badly prepared, tasteless, full of gristle and poorly prepared and presented. Three of us dined that unfortunate evening. After sending back the main courses (two Porterhouses, a linguine and all the overpriced side dishes, the supposed dishes were replaced. They were returned inedible!. That is the short story.

Management, especially the chef, in top restaurants, would at least try and rectify the situation and pay a visit to the diner's table. I guess ( assuming it was Jimmy Schmidt) , was too embarrassed to show his face. Perhaps the cook on duty could not speak English. Jason, the manager on duty that night, was overly apologetic, but one could not blame him for what came out of that canteen.

As for the wine list, you will be amazed at what crap they have chosen and the prices charged for inexpensive wine, especially by the glass, kills any appetite.
Let's put it this way, don't waste your time here unless you too accept mediocrity and bad food. There are restaurants in the area such as Sullivan's, Jillian's, Sand Dollar and Castelli's that are always consistent and take pride in quality, presentation and service. Even Sizzler's food is a better option!

Four Seasons Aviara Golf Course - Carlsbad, CA

Unless you are receiving a paid vacation or having your tab picked up, this facility is the most expensive and unfriendly venue in San Diego. The green fees for this marginal golf course are in excess of $175.00 - outrageous!

Coronado Municipal for $20 and even Torrey Pines North for $80 are far superior, the service is friendlier and the course conditions are terrific. For accommodations try the Torrey Pines Hilton - a great location with great service and guaranteed tee times at Torrey Pines South.

South African Airways

It is unfortunate that South African Airways has degenerated into a third rate airline in the past 7 years. The service is abominable, the staffing incompetent to say the least, the seats in Business Class and First Class are slightly better than the standard Southwest Airline's seat. The airline is run by idiots, Andres Viljoen, the CEO, being the main one and other idiots such as Hendry L. Shaiand Paully Maseti, all who have absolutely no idea what they are doing and do not care. Their frequent flier program, Voyager, is the single biggest rip-off in the airline industry and consistent and continuous complaints about both this program and their attitudes. If the company was based in the States, RICO law suits would not be uncommon. On the other hand, if you really would like to visit South Africa, go through Europe, London and British Airways will make your trip worthwhile.


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